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DJ, Karaoke & Musik Elektronik

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Numark Mixtrack 3 Controller DJ
  • Dedicated filter knobs on each channel for mixing flair
  • Multi-function touch strips give you dynamic FX control
  • 16 multi-function performance pads for clip launches and more
  • 100mm pitch faders for accuracy when you're matching beats
  • High-resolution metal jog wheels with even more responsiveness
RP 2.690.000 -10%
RP 2.975.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 224.167
Pioneer DDJ-RB 2-Deck Rekordbox DJ Controller
(1 Ulasan)
  • - A dedicated digital DJ controller for Pioneer DJ's recordbox dj (included)
  • - 2-deck layout includes essential control for recordbox dj's primary functions
  • - Performance pads deliver direct access to your hot cues, pad effects, slicer, sampler, and more
  • - Onboard sequencer lets you lay down sampled beats and grooves while you DJ
  • - High-quality sound card onboard includes RCA I/O
RP 4.300.000 -25%
RP 5.750.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 358.333
Novation Launchpad Pro
  • 65 Pads
  • RGB Lights
  • Alat Dj dan Produce
RP 4.415.000 -12%
RP 5.040.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 367.917
Novation Launchpad Mini Mk2
(1 Ulasan)
  • 64 Pads
  • 4 colour light
  • mini compact
RP 1.460.000 -19%
RP 1.800.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 121.667
Pioneer DDJ-SB2 2-Deck Serato DJ Controller
  • A compact yet full-featured DJ controller that's perfect for mobile Serato DJ rigs
  • 2-deck layout accommodates full 4-deck mixing for advanced performance
  • Large jog wheels and intuitively laid out controls keep your workflow clean
  • Rubber pads provide transport control, sampler access, cue triggers, and more
  • Onboard filters and Filter Fader functions provide advanced mix options
  • Built-in sound card includes all of the audio connections you need
  • Includes a free download of Serato DJ Intro
RP 4.300.000 -26%
RP 5.800.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 358.333
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
  • From Numark the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible MIXTRACK PRO 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It’s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions.
  • This controller offers a whole host of features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, yet it offers great bang-for-the-buck and it’s a snap to take anywhere.
RP 3.500.000 -13%
RP 4.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 291.667
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
(1 Ulasan)
  • Dedicated filter knobs on each channel for mixing flair
  • Multifunction touch strips give you dynamic FX control
  • 16 multifunction performance pads for clip launches and more
  • 100mm pitch faders for accuracy when you're matching beats
  • High-resolution metal jog wheels with even more responsiveness
RP 3.500.000 -36%
RP 5.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 291.667
Casio Trackformer DJ Controller XW-DJ1
  • New style DJ Controllerequipped with 7-inch disc to make a professional scratch play possibleinternal speaker and battery powered.
RP 3.888.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 324.000
Pioneer XDJ-R1 DJ Controller With Rekordbox
  • An all-in-one digital DJ system that puts everything you need right at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive layout includes 3 hot cue buttons, a heavy-duty platter, and advanced effects control per deck
  • Full-fledged 2-channel mixer includes 3-band EQs with kills
  • Add energy to your music with the 4-beat Sampler, and Beat FX, and Sound Color FX
  • Play MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files from CDs or USB memory
RP 12.800.000 -17%
RP 15.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.066.667
RP 302.600 -58%
RP 712.000
Bebas Ongkir
MX400 Ultra-compact Low Noise 4 Channels Line Mono Audio Mixer with Power Adapter Outdoorfree
  • Ultra-compack 4 channels input and 1 channel output line MONO mixer.
  • Each input channel can be adjusted volume individually.
  • With highest sonic quality even at maximum output level.
  • Ultra low noise 4580 operational amplifier for outstanding audio performance.
  • Comes with a DC 12V power adapter.
RP 280.000 -28%
RP 388.000
Pioneer DM-40 Speaker Monitor DJ Black
  • Front-Loaded Bass reflex system, the DM-40S 4-inch fiberglass woofers output a strong punchy bass from the front, while grooves on the ducts reduce air friction.
  • The DM-40 3/4 -inch soft dome tweeters are fitted with DECO convex diffusers that channel high frequencies in every direction so you can enjoy 3D stereo sound wherever you sit or stand
  • Class AB amplifiers deliver a crisp sound with low distortion, the tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned to eliminate crossover and ensure a well-balanced response across the frequencies
RP 2.500.000 -33%
RP 3.750.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 208.333
  • Excellent 24-bit/96 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface with phenomenal analog and digital circuitry
  • 4 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs, plus a dedicated 1/8" stereo input for reference sources such as MP3 players
  • 2 x Steinberg's D-Pre Class A discrete mic preamps with +48V phantom power onboard give you excellent analog sound
  • 2-channel coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O lets you hook up high-quality outboard gear
  • 6 x 1/4" outputs let you send custom mixes to monitors and outboard gear
RP 3.480.000 -13%
RP 4.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 290.000
RP 262.650 -53%
RP 564.000
ISK BM-800 Condenser Recording Studio Music Create Broadcast Microphone
(5 Ulasan)
  • Application :recording special
  • Radio head :capacitance
  • Pointing:characteristics of single point
  • The sensitivity :34dB + 2dB
  • Frequency range:20Hz-20kHz
  • Channel stereo
  • The signal to noise ratio: 78dB
RP 1.139.000 -50%
RP 2.278.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 94.917
RP 221.000 -58%
RP 520.000
Novation Launchpad Mk2
  • 64 Pads
  • RGB Lights
  • Alat Dj dan Produce
RP 2.400.000 -20%
RP 3.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 200.000
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ - intl
  • Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ
  • Tactile performance pads; Large jog wheels;
  • Authentic and dynamic DJ play; Manual filter
  • MIDI controller; USB powered; Built-in soundcard
  • Software System Requirements: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 with Service Pack 1, Mac OS X 10.10/10.9/10.8
RP 6.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 541.667
Numark Mixtrack Platinum 4-channel DJ Controller
  • 5" capacitive jog wheels stop or scratch tracks with the touch of a finger
  • 1.75" hi-res color LCDs communicate BPM, keylock, pitch adjustment, and platter position at a glance
  • Dedicated 3-band EQ, filter, and gain knobs for each channel
  • Supports up to 4 decks
  • 100mm pitch sliders for precise pitch control
  • 16 multi-function pads (2x8) to launch samples, add loops, and control hot cues
RP 4.600.000 -8%
RP 4.999.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 383.333
Denon DJ MC4000 DJ Controller
(2 Ulasan)
  • Value-packed DJ controller that's compatible with most in-demand DJ software
  • Touch-activated jog wheels feel great when cueing or scratching
  • Ergonomically positioned hot cue, loop, and sample pad controls make DJing intuitive
  • Robust pads, solid 100mm pitch faders, and smooth channel faders feel amazing
  • Dedicated EQ and effects controls let you mix efficiently so you never miss a beat
RP 6.100.000 -19%
RP 7.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 508.333
BEHRINGER DJ Controller [CMD Micro] - Hitam
  • Compact 2-Deck DJ MIDI Controller
  • USB bus-powered  
  • Class-compliant MIDI protocol enables plug-and-play with any MIDI software  
  • Slim tabletop design for ultimate portability  
RP 2.591.000 -7%
RP 2.800.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 215.917
Pioneer XDJ-RX Digital DJ System
  • A 2-channel all-in-one digital DJ system that combines intuitive hardware with software-style flexibility
  • 7" full-color LCD offers awesome visual feedback for mixing and makes browsing quick and easy
  • Nexus-style Quantize, Beat Sync, and Slip Mode provide let you effortlessly achieve polished results
  • Spice up your mix with a killer selection of easily accessible Sound Color FX and Beat FX
  • Loop Slice lets you carve up loops on the fly and remix them by triggering slices via the hot cue pads
  • Prep your tracks in the rekordbox software or app for to add cues, loops, beat markers, and more
  • Dual USB inputs let you load MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files from flash media and mobile devices
RP 21.500.000 -17%
RP 25.999.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.791.667
Paket Alat Karaoke M AUDERPRO
(1 Ulasan)
  • 1 Unit Mixer Amplifier “AUDERPRO” AP-802AM (USB)
  • 2 Unit Speaker Pasif “AUDERPRO” AP-08K, 8 Inch
  • 1 Set Mic Wireless “AUDERPRO” AP-926WM-HH NEW (2 Mic)
  • 2 Unit Stand Speaker “RENZA” RZ-520ST/Bracket RZ-320WB (Pilih)
  • 1 Roll Kabel Speaker “AUDERPRO” AP-280CS (Panjang 35 Meter)
RP 7.820.000 -61%
RP 20.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 651.667
Sound System Paket Alat Karaoke D AUDERPRO
(3 Ulasan)
  • 1 Unit Mixer Amplifier “AUDERPRO” AP-803AM (USB)
  • 2 Unit Speaker Pasif “AUDERPRO” AP-10K, 10 Inch
  • 1 Unit Subwoofer Aktif “AUDERPRO” AP-112SA, 12 Inch
  • 1 Set Mic Wireless “AUDERPRO” AP-929WM-HH (2 Mic) Digital
  • 2 Unit Stand Speaker “RENZA” RZ-520ST/Bracket RZ-320WB (Pilih)
  • 1 Roll Kabel Speaker “AUDERPRO” AP-280CS (Panjang 35 Meter)
RP 16.447.500 -22%
RP 21.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.370.625
PIONEER Digital Multi Player [CDJ-850] - Hitam
  • Media CD
  • CD-R/RW
  • Files MP3
  • AAC
  • WAV
RP 22.239.000 -11%
RP 25.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.853.250
BEHRINGER DJ Controller [CMD STUDIO 4A] - Hitam
  • Rentang Frekuensi: 48 kHz 
  • Konektivitas: USB 2.0, type B 
  • Konsumsi Daya: Max. 12 Watts 
  • Kebutuhan Sistem: External power adapter 
  • Dimensi: 502 mm x 317 mm x 59 mm (WxDxH) 
RP 6.535.000 -7%
RP 6.999.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 544.583
Paket Sound System Rapat Kecil 1 AUDERPRO
(1 Ulasan)
  • 1 Unit Power Mixer “AUDERPRO” AP-906PM USB, 6 Channel
  • 2 Unit Speaker Pasif “AUDERPRO” AP-10K, 10 Inch
  • 1 Set Mic Wireless “AUDERPRO” AP-929WM-HH (2 Mic) Digital
  • 2 Unit Stand Speaker “RENZA” RZ-502ST/Bracket Gantung RZ-320WB (Pilih)
  • 1 Roll Kabel Speaker “AUDERPRO” AP-280CS (Panjang 35 Meter)
RP 13.090.000 -25%
RP 17.400.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.090.833
Voxoa S70 DJ Work Station Controller
  • USB Player
  • Two Decks Share the Same USB Device
  • MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC)
RP 7.150.000 -16%
RP 8.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 595.833
Sound System Paket Meeting Kecil 8 Lengkap AUDERPRO Hitam
(2 Ulasan)
  • 1 Unit Power Mixer “AUDERPRO” AP-906PM USB, 6 Chanel Rekam MP3
  • 2 Unit Speaker Pasif “AUDERPRO” AP-08K, 8 Inch
  • 2 Unit Mic Kabel “AUDERPRO” AP-913
  • 1 Set Stand Speaker “RENZA” RZ-520ST/Bracket Gantung RZ-320WB (Pilih)
  • 1 Roll Kabel Speaker “AUDERPRO” AP-280CS (Panjang 35 Meter)
  • 2 Unit Kabel Mikrofon “AUDERPRO” AP-3L2SCM (Panjang 10 Meter)
RP 8.967.500 -17%
RP 10.750.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 747.292
RP 30.600 -58%
RP 72.000
Denon DJ MCX8000 DJ Controller
  • A powerful, club-ready DJ controller that's ideal for Serato DJ (included)
  • Comprehensive hands-on control layout complements Serato DJ perfectly
  • Dual high-res displays make navigation and operation of Serato DJ clear
  • Hand offs are easy, with dual USB ports and Denon's Engine software
  • 3 built-in effects and dual mic inputs provide additional performance flexibility
  • Ethernet connection accommodates professional video and lighting systems
  • All-metal chassis can easily stand up to regular club use - ideal for installations
RP 19.500.000 -13%
RP 22.500.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 1.625.000
LETSBAY LS-800 profesional Studio siaran radio dan rekaman mikrofon yang ditetapkan termasuk (1) nw-800 kondensor mikrofon profesional + (1) mikrofon penahan Shock + (1) bola-jenis anti angin busa Cap + (1) mikrofon kabel listrik (hitam) - International
  • The Set Includes: (1)Black Professional Condenser Microphone + (1)Microphone Shock Mount + (1)Ball-type Anti-wind Foam Cap + (1)Microphone Power Cable.
  • The professional condenser microphone adopts the exacting complete electronic circuit control. Capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic.
  • The shock mount can effectively reduce handling noise.
  • The ball-type anti-wind foam cap can protect microphone against wind interference and singers' spit.
RP 436.000 -5%
RP 458.000
Yamaha mixer MG 06X 6channel Biru
  • 6-Channel Mixing Console
  • Max. 2 Mic / 6 Line Inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo)
  • 1 Stereo Bus
RP 1.402.500 -15%
RP 1.650.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 137.500
Bebas Ongkir
ammoon CT80S-USB 8 Channel Digital Mic Line Audio Mixing Mixer Console with 48V Phantom Power for Recording DJ Stage Karaoke Music Appreciation
  • 8 channels mixing console with XLR, LINE inputs and 48V phantom power.
  • Each channel has GAIN, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, PAN control knobs and volume control faders.
  • The PEL switch allow you to monitor the channel that the PEL is turned "ON" only.
  • AUX send & return jacks for connecting all kinds of effects from outside.
  • With XLR(L/ R) & 1/4"(L/ R) stereo output jacks and REC(L/ R) & headset interfaces.
  • With USB input interface and LCD display as well as control buttons.
RP 2.289.000 -30%
RP 3.286.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 190.750
Dual Ear Hook Headset Head Microphone for Shure Wireless 4pin Mini Plug - intl
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 680 Ohm
  • Microphone size: Ø9.7 * 5.0
  • Directivity: single-point, heart-type point
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Cord length: about 1.2m
RP 49.000 -50%
RP 98.000
PAKET Sound System meeting kecil 6 AUDERPRO 10inc hitam
(1 Ulasan)
RP 9.860.000 -53%
RP 21.000.000
Cicilan: 12 x RP 821.667
Items per pages

Dj, Alat Karakaoke, dan Alat Musik

Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari Anda akan mengalami kepenatan karena banyaknya masalah yang timbul dalam hidup Anda. Anda memerlukan tempat perlarian dimana Anda dapat memikirkan secara jernih masalah yang Anda hadapi. Biasanya banyak individu yang lari pada musik, disini lari pada musik maksudnya yaitu melakukan beberapa aktivitas yang berhubungan dengan musik untuk melupakan sesaat masalah yang di hadapi. Misalnya dj, berkaraoke atau mungkin memainkan alat musik yang Anda dapat lakukan. Dengan melakukan hal-hal tersebut Anda akan mendapatkan kesenangan karena tubuh dan hati Anda akan bergerak sesuai dengan musik yang Anda dengar. Oleh karena itu, peran musik sangat berarti dalam kehidupan seseorang. Anda dapat melakukan dj, karaoke dan memainkan alat musik di tempat lain. Namun, alangkah lebih baiknya bila Anda memiliki alat dj, alat karaoke maupun alat musik sendiri agar dapat bersenang-senang kapan saja dan juga bersama orang-orang tercinta. Dj, alat karaoke dan alat-alat musiknya dijual di sehingga Anda tidak perlu repot untuk memilikinya.

Tips Membeli Dj, Alat Karaoke dan Alat Musik Lainnya.

Anda ingin membeli alat dj, karaoke dan alat musik lainnya? Sebelum Anda membelinya maka Anda perlu membaca tips-tips sebagai berikut.

  • Kenali Keinginan Anda. Sebelum Anda ingin membeli atau memiliki alat dj, karaoke atau alat musik lainnya Anda perlu mengenali diri Anda sendiri apakah memang Anda sangat perlu untuk memilikinya atau hanya menginginkan dalam jangka waktu sesaat. Hal tersebut penting karena biaya yang akan keluarkan akan cukup besar untuk membelinya sehingga keinginan Anda akan mempengrauhi berapa lama alat dj, karaoke atau alat musik yang Anda beli akan berguna.
  • Perhatikan Perlengkapan Lainnya. Seperti yang Anda ketahui bahwa perlengkapan alat musik sangat banyak. Bila Anda ingin membeli alat karaoke atau alat dj maka Anda juga perlu membeli barang-barang pelengkap lainnya seperti mic dan speaker.
  • Budget yang Dikeluarkan. Anda perlu memperhatikan budget yang akan Anda keluarkan bila Anda memutuskan untuk membeli alat dj, karaoke atau alat musik lainnya. Anda perlu membandingkan harga-harga agar Anda dapat membelinya sesuai dengan budget yang Anda miliki.
  • Tempat yang Tersedia. Anda perlu memikirkan dimana Anda akan menaruh alat dj, karaoke atau alat musik lainnya. Misalnya jika Anda membeli alat dj, maka Anda memerlukan ruangan sendiri agar dapat menggunakannya secara maksimal, begitupun dengan alat karaoke atau alat musik lainnya. Itulah beberapa tips yang perlu Anda pikirkan sebelum Anda ingin membeli alat dj, karaoke atau alat musik lainnya.

Berbelanja online di Lazada sangat mudah dan praktis. Anda tidak perlu mengeluarkan tenaga dan waktu lebih bila berbelanja di Lazada. Lazada merupakan toko online terbesar yang menawarkan beberapa macam produk terlengkap. Salah satu produk yang ditawarkan Lazada yaitu alat-alat musik seperti perlengkapan dj, mesin karaoke dan alat musik lainnya. Anda dapat menyotir alat musik yang Anda inginkan berdasarkan barang terpopuler, harga, waktu pengiriman dan diskon. Lazada juga menawarkan proses transkasi yang menguntungkan dimana Anda dapat menyicil dengan bunga 0% dari bank-bank yang berkerjasama dengan Lazada. Sehingga Anda dapat membeli alat-alat musik sepeti mesin karaoke dan perlengkapan dj sesuai dengan biaya yang Anda miliki saat ini. Sangat menarik bukan? Segera kunjungi website dan dapatkan penawaran terbaik lainnya.