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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (3GB/32GB) - Dual SIM Gold  

1 Tahun Garansi Supplier
Informasi Garansi
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  • 4100 mAh battery
  • Snapdragon 625 processor
  • 13 million-pixel camera
  • 5.5-inch full HD screen
RP 1.990.000
Sebelum RP 2.499.000,
Diskon 20%
Cicilan hingga 3 bulan, hanya RP 663.333 per bulan.
Cicilan hingga 6 bulan, hanya RP 331.667 per bulan.
Cicilan hingga 12 bulan, hanya RP 165.833 per bulan.
Pilihan pengiriman
Dikirim ke
Cengkareng di Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta Ubah
  • Pilih provinsi
Standar: Rabu 25 - Selasa 31 Okt
Gratis untuk min order RP 50.000 dari produk yang Disediakan oleh Lazada (7 kg pertama)
Disediakan oleh Lazada
Bayar di Tempat tidak berlaku untuk produk ini
7 Hari Pengembalian
Berubah pikiran tidak diperkenankan
1 Tahun Garansi Supplier
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Periode di Lazada
1 tahun

Detail produk dari Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (3GB/32GB) - Dual SIM Gold

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

  • 5 color metal body
  • 4100 mAh battery
  • Snapdragon 625 processor
  • 13 million-pixel camera
  • 5.5-inch full HD screen

Colorful metal body design and improved battery life

Each new Redmi smartphone has many fresh features while still being a Redmi smartphone you all have grown to love. Redmi smartphone line-up deserves to be taken as a model for other smartphones around this budget. Redmi Note 4X reminds us once again why Redmi smartphones are such an asset: stellar performance, modern design, and flagship feel. It treats the metal with colors of champagne gold, platinum silver, cherry powder, frosted black and an exclusive ocean aquamarine, which was inspired by Hatsune Miku — the sound of the future. Boisterous performance and unbelievable battery are values that make Redmi Note 4X a nationally admired smartphone.

What color best fits you?

Mostly we think that given everything else, choosing your smartphone’s color will be not that hard. Try choosing between these 5 amazing colors.

  • Ocean aquamarine. Inspired by Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid artist, this color makes the smartphone iconic and will catch many eyes.
  • Cherry powder. Such a soft and soothing color. Feels like it can really manage your stress.
  • Champagne gold. It represents optimism and high ideas. It is suitable for those with more sophisticated tastes.
  • Platinum silver. It is neutral, it is orderly and it gives a feeling of being a part of a modern city.
  • Matte black. It is timeless and minimalistic, it expresses restrain and wisdom. Black makes a strong impact compared to what something mystical could do.

4100 mAh battery

Can you imagine that such a high-capacity battery is only 8.45 mm thick? Its internal structure has gone through several steps of optimization, thus making it more resistant to heavy use. It will give you 22 hours of reading, 18 hours of watching videos and 15 hours of playing games.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625

Redmi smartphones make a house for top-tier processors. Redmi Note 4X has a whopping 3GB RAM and a powerful octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor rated at 2.0GHz. Web browsing, gaming, video playback, photo editing and then some — this phone is more than capable of that. Redmi Note 4X adopted advanced 14nm FinFET technology and exhibits better performance along with lower power consumption that makes you want to use the smartphone day in, day out.

32GB internal memory

If you could fill the memory of your smartphone will only one thing what would it be? Would you choose to have a collection of your photos or a whole bunch of modern apps, would you get rid of all your music to free up space for videos? Redmi Note 4X has room for everything at the same time. On top of that, you can expand it up to 128GB by means of a MicroSD card.

5.5-inch full HD screen

Redmi Note 4X screen is large but at the same time it allows one-handed operation. It is an exceptionally vibrant display boasting 450nit of brightness. A 72% wide color gamut allows to show colors much closer to what they are in real life not to cause any contradiction to your perception of natural colors. For the sake of your eyes, the display can adjust color temperature, turn down brightness and reduce blue light. You will not get tired of reading for as long as you like.

13MP camera with PDAF focus

Redmi Note 4X promises on of the best camera experiences among budget smartphones. Its 13MP primary camera features a wide f2.0 aperture for good low-light photos. Combine that with phase detection autofocus and 17 real-time filters and you have you will understand why it is not only ahead of its competitors but also ahead of its time. Each your photo becomes a masterpiece. A front-facing 5MP camera is capable of amazing photos too.

  • 0.3 sec PDAF phase autofocus
  • HDR technology
  • dual-color LED flash

Full HD video with slow motion effect

You never know if making just a photo is enough. When you are in the middle of a festival or watch the sun going down, you probably want to have the live footage. Redmi Note 4X can shoot 1080p/720p videos and provides a sharp image and qualitative sound in playback. Use a 120fps slow motion function to catch subtle changes in expressions of people.

More than 100 million like MIUI 8

Every version of MIUI is a complete surprise. Dual-device mode is its biggest surprise. Use different unlock gestures to have access to different photos, apps and games. Lock screen pictorial, remote control, double-opening the applications strike all the necessary chords.

  • Lock screen pictorial. Measure the pleasure when you see one of the most famous photographs out of “Fashion Bazaar”, “China Geographic”, Reuters and other graphic illustrations on your lock screen.
  • Remote control. A built-in IR sensor turns Redmi Note 4X into a remote control for your TV, set-top box, air conditioners, DVDs, SRL and other electronic equipment. The latest Bluetooth 4.2 will help to communicate with any of these devices.
  • App double-opening. You can have two Facebook accounts or two games running at the same time. It is much more convenient to keep things separated.

4G+ network and Internet

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X supports 3 card trays for you to find your own balance between communication and storage. Experience a high-definition VoLTE calls and 4G+ network. Download speed is up to 300Mbps. Send E-mails, play online games, order food or call taxi faster!

Redmi Note 4X Hatsune Miku Limited Edition

An exclusive edition of Redmi Note 4X follows Hatsune Miku theme. It includes a new Redmi Note 4X of aquamarine color with Hatsune Miku logo and your own serial number engraved on the back. Additionally, it will come with a powerbank and protective case with the image of this vocaloid idol as well.

110 million sales in the course of 3 years

For the last 3 years over 110 million of smartphones spread around the world, reaching everyone who wanted a reliable device to make every day hassle-free. High technologies are closer than you think.

Spesifikasi Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X (3GB/32GB) - Dual SIM Gold

Apa yang ada di dalam kotak:
  • 1 x Phone
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x SIM needle
  • 1 x User manual
Fitur Umum:
Warranty period 1 Tahun
Phone Features Sensor Sidik Jari|Touchscreen|GPS
Camera Front 5-6 MP
Kapasitas Harddisk 32GB
Camera Back 11-15MP
Model Redmi Note 4X
Tipe garansi Garansi Supplier
Kondisi Baru
PPI 400-500 PPI
Processor Type Octa-core
Ukuran (L x W x H cm) 15.1×7.63×0.845
Jenis Baterai Baterai Bisa Diisi Ulang Terintegrasi
Screen Size (inches) 5.0
Sistem Operasi Android
Screen Type LCD IPS
Network Connections 2G|3.5G - HSDPA|3G|4G
RAM memory 3GB
Video Resolution 1080p
Operating System Version Marshmallow
Sim Slots Dua slot
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3.9 dari 5
127 rating 126 ulasan
  • 5 bintang 64
  • 4 bintang 24
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  • Mayan Good
    4 bulan yang lalu
    Brang smpai dgn slmat via LEX, real ssuai spec, rom global stble, lgsg dpt update an versi miui terbaru. Gransi dstrbtor WII. Overall good, but packing krg rapi, n svety box nya cm pakai buble doank krdus plapis jg tipis. Jd agk penyok dikit dosbook ane. Next time agr lbh dprhtiin lg ya gan. And than, thanks MI7 n Lazada ats vouchernya. Sy ksh *5 dah.
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  • Nice
    3 bulan yang lalu
    Barang sudah di terima kemarin, pengiriman 4 hari
    Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon 625, ROM Global Stable, 3/32GB, Garansi WII
    Packing Rapi, Plastik Khusus Lazada & Bubble Warp, Dus segel
    Begitu dinyalakan langsung ada notif update versi MIUI ke 8.2, as far ga ada kendala di HP lancar jaya mantab jiwa, begitu unboxing nyalakan saya langsung instal Mobile Legend & main 1 jam belum panas seperti HP Xiaomi lainnya.
    Terima kasih LAZADA...!!
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  • Pengiriman lama dan mau cancel saja
    2192 tahun yang lalu
    Sampai sekarang dr tgl 31 juli 2017 ,pesanan saya belum jg sampai,,
    Saya ingin d cancel saja dr pd menunggu yg tidak pasti,,
    D form pesanan d tulis sampainya tg 2 -3 agustus 2017 tapi sampai tgl 5 agustus belum jg dkirim,,
    Saya mau cancel saja ,,
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  • Kecewa dan rerasa ditipu
    3 bulan yang lalu
    Barang nya memang sampai dgn cepat dan aman, tapi baru cek ternyata yg di kirimkan adalah note 4 bukannya 4x nya, kecewa bngt, apa lagi saya belinya di harga yg masih 1.919.000 kok tega kayak gitu
    Apakah ulasan ini berguna?
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  • Lambat
    4 bulan yang lalu
    Pengiriman sangat lambat 4 hari sedang di proses trs sedang di kirim pun lama (not recomended)
    Apakah ulasan ini berguna?
    • Tidak Membantu
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  • slowmotion...... .
    4 bulan yang lalu
    katanya mao di kasih vocer karna terlambat datang.. di cari2 gda di bungkusannya.. lazada mana nih,........................
    Apakah ulasan ini berguna?
    • Tidak Membantu
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  • GOOD
    4 bulan yang lalu
    Barang udah nyampe barusan,, psen minggu, Selasa dtng... fast respon... Ne langsung d pke,,, bagus hp nya... blm d check keseluruhan... Mdh2an ga da masalah+awet barangnya... Mksh MI7&Lazada...
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  • very very good
    2 bulan yang lalu
    packing ok, kecepetan pengiriman ok tapi pertanyaan saya ini redmi note 4 atau redmi note 4x sih soalnya di about phone ini reno 4 ? overall Puas bintang 5
    Apakah ulasan ini berguna?
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  • respon cepat
    2 bulan yang lalu
    makasih lazada..hp telah mendarat dengan aman...mantap..respon cepat...mdh2 awet....krn blom di coba..hehehe
    Apakah ulasan ini berguna?
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  • recomended
    4 bulan yang lalu
    Pengiriman cepat,barang sesuai deskripsi,menggunakan rom global official,packing rapih dan pakai buble wrap thank you Mi7 dan Lazada
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